So sorry that we’ve been MIA. Pinky promise that we've really been here all along- just hanging behind and watchin' you do you, boo. Life was begging us to slow down for a bit after the first whirlwind year of MouthGremlin, and we had to comply. If you want to know all about it,  keep reading-

It’s been just over a year since we had our very first MouthGremlin Pop-Up featuring our World Famous Dogs. We've learned a lot between that first night and now, but it's not as though the experience has made the act any less taxing. Simply put, it is a challenge to do this stuff on our lonesome. I don't know if any of you have thrown a large scale underground tasting dinner, but it's really fucking hard to do with only four hands, one vehicle, and a shoestring budget. 

So if it's such a pain in the ass, why do it, right? 

1: Life would be really boring without the crushing pressure and fear of failure that comes with large scale projects. 

2: We said we were going to.

3: We love this shit, and it seems like you love it too. 

We had NO idea this city would turn attention to us the way it did, in such a short amount of time, and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for that. 

We became overwhelmed with opportunities and unfortunately, forgot to pace ourselves (rookie mistake).

Between Fancy Feasts, Pop-ups at Velo & American Draft, private parties, Lucky Pig, the Know Your Neighbor series, our day jobs, and you know, life- we got tuckered out fast. We went too hard, too fast, and within 12 months we were ZONKED. 

SO, as you may have noticed, we've been pretty quiet the past 3 months, but no, we are not going anywhere and the party isn't over. 

We're learning, planning, and getting very excited about Spring 2019. 

See you there. 

Chloe Wright