What is this? 

While we can't give away all of our secrets (that would squash the fun), here are some frequently asked questions that may help to shed some light on that lovely, shadowfilled brain of yours: 

Are you going to feed us? 

- YES! Please come hungry. You will be experiencing a multi-course meal, served family style, with various hungry people. Some you may know, hopefully a bunch you don't.

Is this vegetarian friendly?

 - We are not anti-veggsadbois, but we will be serving a set menu which is heavily influenced by a meat loving culture. Think sticky rice, grilled fish, pork.  

WILL There Be Alcohol?

- B.Y.O. always encouraged, but we do like to keep a kiddie pool filled with beer (wink wink)


- If you would like to bring your partner, please do so! We'd love to meet them, and we don't want you to be pining away. However, we only have so many spaces available, so please do not purchase more than 2 tickets in your name.  

Is there a dress code? 

- Yes. Wear your most favorite item of clothing, please&thankyou. 

What time am I supposed to be there?

- You should arrive at 8pm. We wouldn't want you to miss out on any of the goods.

Is this an outdoors event?

- You will be outside. There will be trees. There will be fire. There will be flying parasites that want to feast on your blood because this is Chattanooga and we're living in a temperate rainforest.