This was our first alcohol paired tasting, with libations brought to you by local coolguy & beverage professional, Mackenzie Chastain. We sought to remove the stuffiness from this hallmark holiday by hosting a community style tasting. Sending so much love and appreciation to our guests! Thank you for spending this night with us <3

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Chloe Wright
Fancy Feast


FancyFeast is the MouthGremlin version of a traditional tasting menu. At its core, the focus is on bringing people around the table and fostering congeniality amongst strangers.  If you haven't been to one yet, we'd love to see you there. Hop on the mailing list to receive updates on the upcoming dates. 

En Root House, a hostel located in Highland Park, graciously gave us their space to host our first two rounds of this event. It is locally owned and operated, and is the perfect spot to stay while visiting Chattanooga. 


Chloe Wright

MouthGremlin returned to the ol' stomping grounds to pop off some lunch time vittles for caffeine seekers.  We offered a traditional version of the beloved vietnamese sandwich, as well as an option for our non-meat eating friends. 

Chloe Wright

During MainX24, we returned to Velo on Main St and whipped out some fresh Yakitori for lunch. 

HUGE BIG "THANK YOU" to Sequatchie Cove Farms, for their lamb; EasyBistro, who graciously lent us their KUDU grill; Velo, for their continued support; and every single one of you who came out to see us. 

Chloe Wright
Cold Brew H.U.S.T.L.E
H.U.S.T.L.E Menu.jpg


We were so lucky to begin our pop-up odyssey at the 2017 Cold Brew H.U.S.T.L.E. The competitors and spectators were supportive and hungry, all we could hope for in a crowd. 

If you're living in the Chattanooga area and love coffee, my guess is that you have already visited Velo. However, if you haven't been, or if you're just passing through the area, make sure you step in and get some of their magic bean water. Their product is phenomenal, and their staff is even better.